Semi-permanent color theory: The fascinating WORLD of PIGMENTS

If you want to take your PMU (Permanent Makeup) skills in pigmentation to the next level, then this guide by Lesigna is just right for you! It provides insight into the world of colors and is based on the Fitzpatrick Theory, which will help you understand your clients' skin and choose the right colors to achieve perfect results.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of pigments. This book contains numerous illustrations and examples that will inspire and motivate you to improve your understanding of colors and their effects. You will learn how to mix and apply colors, the types of pigments available, and how they are composed.

It is a valuable guide that will help enhance your PMU skills and demonstrate how to use colors optimally to delight your clients.


58 pages

• Skin phototypes
• What is a skin undertone?
• Fitzpatrick Scale
• Fitzpatrick's skin phototypes
• Determination of Fitzpatrick skin type

• Primary colors
• Secondary colors
• Tertiary colors
• Color wheel (primary, secondary, and tertiary colors)
• Summary of colors
• Complementary colors
• Quaternary color
• Warm and cool colors
• Warm colors
• Cool colors
• Color wheel
• White color
• Black color
• Gray color
• Color harmonies
• Regulating the intensity of pigment colors

• Pigment colors
• Chemistry
• Organic pigments & inorganic pigments
• Ingredients of PMU pigments
• Color weighting - important when mixing

• Choosing the right colors for the lips
• Mixing ratios
• Choosing the right colors for the eyebrows
• Choosing the right colors for the eyelids

This book is suitable for deepening your understanding of pigments in semi-permanent, permanent makeup, or microblading, as well as serving as training material for your students.

Fundamentals of color theory and the use of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors in PMU.

58 pages

format: 20.96 x 20.96 cm

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