TRAINING AND WORKING FOLDER Eyelash Extensions: classic 1:1 method

TRAINING AND WORKING FOLDER. Comprehensive training book for your own training purposes. All those who are interested in training in eyelash extensions will be very satisfied with the training folder. The special feature of Lesigna's training folders are not only the informative texts, combined with unique illustrations, which also facilitate easier understanding. Also the possibilities to write notes during the lesson makes learning much easier. This book is also great as a reference book after the training! Is not suitable for self-education. A professional instructor is indispensable. To make your start in the beauty industry a little bit easier, we not only have bonus material on pricing and marketing, but also a couple of free downloads. Placeholders for your own comments are very impressive, which offer an excellent opportunity to note additional key points.

This book is very classy in delicate tones on 32 pages with over 40 illustrations. In addition to the attractive design, the texts were written by an author and designed by Lesigna to be read-friendly. The final touch was given by an excellent lash stylist who, when checked again, declared the training document to be very good for training.

This reference book thus serves as the optimal basis for eyelash extension training.


What is a permanent eyelash extension?
Types of eyelash extensions
Contraindications / Health and Safety / Allergic risks
Anatomy of the eye and eyelash
Work materials and inventory
Determining eye shapes
Eyelash shapes / types
Adhesive How To’s / Adhesive technique
Correct advice and preliminary talk
Care instructions after application of eyelash extensions
Allergy testing
Padding - What to do?
Cleaning and preparation of eyelashes
Dealing with tweezers
Separating the eyelashes
Expiration of eyelash extensions
Liability problems - What should be considered?
Correct removal of eyelash extensions
BONUS: Pricing + Marketing


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format: 21,6 x 0,3 x 27,9 cm

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